An idea on extending the "Package users" approach

Eric Herman eric at
Wed Jan 7 04:49:10 PST 2009

Angel Tsankov wrote:
> I'm going to try the idea.  Currently I'm installing LFS with pu 
> (package users) along with the idea in question.  I haven't 
> encountered any problems till now that may be due this little 
> modification.  If I do, I'll probably write back to ask for some 
> help.

If I can help, I'll be happy to do so.

My friend Brett Neumeier has already modified Benkmann's scripts a
little and these are exactly what I use on my CLFS systems:

git clone git://

(And includes a little more verbose description of my ldconfig trick.)

I wish you the very best of luck!


P.S.: I certainly think Package Users is about the best thing since LFS,
and I wonder if any big distro will take the idea to heart.
Fundamentally there is no reason why a Binary Package Management System
couldn't *also* take a page from Benkmann's very clever idea.

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