An idea on extending the "Package users" approach

Angel Tsankov fn42551 at
Wed Jan 7 03:35:18 PST 2009

Eric Herman wrote:
> Angel Tsankov wrote:
>> In his hint "Package users" Matthias Benkmann recommends to name the
>> primary group of a package user after the user name.  But why
>> duplicate information instead of extending it?!  Couldn't we name the
> I continue to find the simple "duplicate info" of user and group to
> very practical.
> Having given some thought to what I might want to do with the
> opportunity (create sub-groups or whatever), I eventually decided that
> there was nothing that was as useful and the simplicity of the same
>  user and group approach.
> Of course the command line duplication when installing a new package
> is irritating, so if you know that's the approach you're going to use,
> modify the script to only pass in the variable once.
I'm going to try the idea.  Currently I'm installing LFS with pu (package 
users) along with the idea in question.  I haven't encountered any problems 
till now that may be due this little modification.  If I do, I'll probably 
write back to ask for some help.

> But, probably the most interesting extension of package users that I
> feel others might benefit from is an idea I had for dealing with
> ldconfig.
> It's quite simple really. Create a special user for ldconfig, and set
> the suid bit so any member of the install group can run /sbin/ldconfig
> and make sure that /etc/ is owned by the ldconfig user.
> (ldconfig is a member of the install group)
Seems to go very well with package users.  And saves the trouble of 'su 
root' to run ldconfig, i.e. makes things even simpler. I think I like it. 
May be I should try it too. :)


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