An idea on extending the "Package users" approach

Herman Gerritsen lfsmailing at
Wed Jan 7 00:14:39 PST 2009

> Herman Gerritsen wrote:
>> You can use the name for what ever you want.
>> Though there easier ways to find version of installed software I
>> think.
>> like "<program> --version" and every installed library has its version
>> number in its name
> --Angel wrote:
> When one has multiple versions of the same program installed he might want
> to know which file to which version belongs.
That does not make sense to me.
If you would install some foo-1.0 and a foo-1.5, and they would use
different files
then these files would have different version numbers, right?

To keep different version of the same package in the same directories
you have to
statically link them to there own library versions. If you would link
them dynamically
both would use an updated library.

If you would want them really seperate you should install every version in some
totally different directory, and again you can easily see what binary
uses what library.
And what versions of some package you have installed.


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