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Tue Jan 6 08:57:19 PST 2009

On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 10:30 AM, Adrian Fisher <adrian at> wrote:
> Thanks for the input so far :)
> The reason I began considering the Eee PC was because it has a nice
> screen size (for me) at 10" as I feel 8.9" would be too small.  I also
> liked the idea of having an SSD drive instead of a HDD because of the
> dual benefits of being more resilient on the move (bumpy roads, etc) and
> also they draw less power than mechanical devices.  With regards to the
> ASUS online storage it seems to be an online file storage area (about
> 20GB) where one can upload files and then give people the link for them
> to access the files that way.  I was surprised to read the Atom is
> 64-bit as I had read it was 32-bit.  64-bit is better though :)
> A.

My research was from, which
seems to indicate it's 64bit *shrug*.

ah, I wish mine had the 9"/10" screen...

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