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Sun Jan 4 23:45:16 PST 2009

Nathan Coulson wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 3:02 PM, Adrian Fisher <adrian at> wrote:
>> Hello all :)
>> I am considering getting an Asus Eee PC laptop for my LFS.  Has anyone
>> else used one of these devices for this and if so, did it work well?
>> Were you still able to use the ASUS online storage or does that depend
>> on their own software?
>> SPEC:
>> If this machine is not the best way to go can anyone recommend a more
>> suitable device in this category?
>> Regards,
>> A.
> I use one myself with LFS, and it works well
> I have the 701 Asus one 4G, but I would probably choose their 901 if I
> was buying one as of today, as it's slightly lower power, slightly
> more battery power, and larger screen.  (also, the atom has a 64bit
> processor, and the virtualization instructions)
> I like the flash harddrive myself, but I am used to using 4G linux
> partitions.  Not sure if that fits your needs or not  Most of the
> newer ones seem to be migrating ton onboard harddrives instead
> I think the Asus ones are a bit more expensive then some of the
> alternatives out there.  Acer had one with slightly better specs then
> mine, and a slightly cheaper price.  No clue on quality though.
> Take a look at if you want
> to see some of the tweaks I made to my LFS build.  (Getting dated, and
> most of those external drivers are either intree, or have alternatives
> now).
> Never heard of Asus Online Storage
I've had limited hands on experience with 2 Eee's so far. One to fix up 
for a mates son (Using Win XP), and the other for a neighbour (Using 
Linux).  They faired ok considering the relatively simple spec.

Once I'd had the chance to go through the netbook reviews in some depth, 
I personally opted for the Acer Aspire One (HDD Version).  Performance 
wise it was a lot better than both of the Eee's I played with and felt 
really smooth.

I didn't really have a chance to tweak any of the settings to a great 
degree and I think it would have performed even better if I had.  But 
that was with the supplied system, not LFS or another Linux flavour.

In terms of the hardware though, I would definitely recommend the One 
over the Eee.  The cost difference was negligible, but hardware 
performance and build quality were much better.  It felt like a grown up 
netbook rather than a mickey mouse one.



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