Bought a Phenom, now what?

Robert R. Russell zoohoo.linux at
Mon Jan 5 00:01:35 PST 2009

On Sunday 04 January 2009 05:44:42 am Mike Lynch wrote:
> The 64 bit compatible flash player and JAVA issues are the primary
> reason I haven't moved
> to pure 64 bit.  What I don't understand is why on earth is it taking so
> long for those two things
> to get worked out?  Does anyone have any insignt?  I've done 32 to 64
> bit software porting
> and it's just not that difficult to do.  If anything it's just tedious
> busywork more than anything
> else.

The 64bit flash player is excellent, in my opinion actually better than the 
32bit flash player.

The 64bit open source Java requires some real "fun" to install, and that is 
all I will say to avoid a flame war over my opinion of GCC, Open Class Path, 
and IcedTea.

The 64bit Java from Sun works on almost everything except for the one Java 
applet that I actually use. Though, I think that most of the problem is 
related to some "advanced/fragile/incompatible" features that the applet 
tries to use. I think, it should have been made into a Java based desktop 
application during its last major redesign. Of course since 64bit Linux 
doesn't officially have a Java working plugin at this moment, I doubt 
anything will get fixed anytime soon.

My personal opinion, and this is just my personal opinion is stay 32 bit for 
everything except servers that never touch Java or Flash.

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