Bought a Phenom, now what?

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at
Sat Jan 3 04:58:45 PST 2009

On Sat, Jan 03, 2009 at 09:03:13AM +0000, TheOldFellow wrote:
> I just ordered (very cheap in these recessionary days) a PhenomX4 9950
> processor-based mobo with 4GB to replace my Athlon XP with 512MB.  Now
> come all the issues like:
> 1) Do I build 64bit-pure or multilib?

 If it's for a desktop, the issues with building multilib will teach
you a lot more about how it all works, and cause you to think about
it all (unless you just throw in all the libraries two-by-two, and
even then you will learn about some of it).

 Personally, I'm thinking about giving up multilib (been there, got
it working, fed up with having two sets of build scripts for my
desktops and building libraries and gtk twice).  Depends on where I
go with ppc64!

 Drawbacks to pure64 :

o different bootloader (for some reason, people here tend to prefer
grub - personally, I can screw things up with *any* bootloader :-)

o binary video drivers will probably only work with lib64 symlinks,
but ati are now co-operative so current xorg should probably be ok

o binary plugins won't work - I've long since given up on real audio
for *any* architecture (BBC radio), and AFAIK iplayer isn't working
yet (I saw a link to "test versions" but couldn't find anything to
download).  For flash, I've got a partial success with gnash (and
totem) - no predicatability about which websites and youtube videos
will work and which will not.

> 2) Do I use LFS, DOY or CLFS to do it?

 That's akin to a question about religion.  The fun comes after the
base system is completed.

> 3) What would I miss if I stayed with 32-bit.

 Probably, a large chunk of the RAM.  You also stick with the
limited number of registers available on x86, although I've no idea
how much difference that makes on current processors (all my testing
was on a single processor 3 or 4 years ago).

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