Bought a Phenom, now what?

TheOldFellow theoldfellow at
Sat Jan 3 01:03:13 PST 2009

I just ordered (very cheap in these recessionary days) a PhenomX4 9950
processor-based mobo with 4GB to replace my Athlon XP with 512MB.  Now
come all the issues like:

1) Do I build 64bit-pure or multilib?
2) Do I use LFS, DOY or CLFS to do it?
3) What would I miss if I stayed with 32-bit.

I'm afraid I missed all the discussion of this back when it was an
issue, and the search engines just fill up with support issues, not
decision issues.  How do I decide?  I'm interested in the Why not just
the What.

I plan to boot it with a Ubuntu-8.10 AMP64 LiveCD first to check for
correct operation.

Once I get this operating I may be able to help (B)LFS again, as the
old XP was gettin' mighty slow....


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