How to update packages in a LFS system

Stef Bon stef at
Fri Jan 2 10:13:28 PST 2009

Matthew Burgess wrote:
> Hope this helps,
> Matt.

I completely agree with Matthew, but I would like to add the following:

- sometimes upgrading a package to another (major) version is necessary, 
because it's needed by another package. For example I wanted to upgrade 
X (7.4) and KDE. Most of the time this is no problem, sometimes it may 
lead to problems Matthew is pointing at. In the latest case, you can 
look for a solution (patch) on the Internet. You'll find it if you're 
lucky, sometimes not and you are on your own.

I've tried to build OpenOffice 3.0 from source but got stuck...

What I'm trying to say is that upgrading a package (major) is possible imho.


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