wwh04660 at ucmo.edu wwh04660 at ucmo.edu
Tue May 13 09:23:25 PDT 2008

Ah yes the subject isn't misleading...

   Last night I installed slackware 7.1, updated some stuff, patched  
the 2.2 kernel to use ext3 and updated
e2fsprogs. I then downloaded all the packages for LFS-2.4.4, from  
reading messages back in the old
LFS mailing list archive, gathered what needed to be done in the  
patches, mostly... and then started
the build.  Since I started LFS with 3.0, I saw how things kept  
getting bigger and taking longer to complete.
However, going back to 2.4.4, brought back old memories of how the  
build used to go. Whew! It was fun.

Did it all in a virtual machine, too. Quite nice. Anyways, got a nice  
working 2.4.4 system to do something
with now. Muahahaha.

Not sure if I'll get a system using 2.0 kernel going. Might see. Was  
fun to do anyways.

What might be the reason for doing this?  Asked my a few already who I  
talked to.
I just like to see how far LFS has come. Not to mention how all the  
utilities used since then till now
have been added, changed, removed, etc. Pretty interesting.

-William Harrington

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