power management and laptops

J. Greenlees lists at jaqui-greenlees.net
Mon Mar 3 16:54:25 PST 2008

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 03, 2008 at 02:56:55PM -0800, J. Greenlees wrote:
>> Just some info.
>> Last week I saw a Gateway laptop [ model not known yet ] running
>> Mandriva 2008 that would suspend / hibernate when the unit was closed.
>> This was an "out of box" configuration on power management.
>> [ meaning no customisation, Mandriva's default conf used. ]
>> This is the first time I have seen power management work right on a
>> laptop, with any distro.
>> [ I'll try to get the conf used for those building LFS on a laptop. ]
>> Jaqui
>  Useful.  I managed to get one of the last of the ibook G4's to
> replace my G3 - they both slept fine (the G3 died, the G4 is still
> in use, but getting a bit slow for compiling) - that's the versions
> with the radeon video, of course (the nvidia pmacs don't sleep), and
> using pbbuttonsd.  Nice to see the little-endian laptops catching up
> at last ;)
> ĸen

Turning the conf into a hint would be useful. looks like it might be
something Gateway may be doing in their bios settings, another Gateway
laptop running Ubuntu will also suspend / hibernate properly.

One is an M series, the other I know is an Itanium powered laptop.
The M series is owned by a technophobic senior citizen [ can't even add
time to a pay as you go cell phone ] who had enough with windows not
working right, he's happy with the way Mandriva is working, and is
giving copies of the install disk to all his friends :)
[ seniors who are complaining about windows mostly ]

It's always useful to know that a problematic bit of software is getting
fixed. I was reading a blog entry today about how suspend / hybernate
not working is a big issue for a number of businesses.

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