Detecting runtime problems.

JonY 10walls at
Wed Apr 16 07:35:51 PDT 2008

Hi lfs-chat,

I'm new to C programing. I'm trying to develope a program for a TI c6711 
board but do not have enough access time to it to test for various 
runtime conditions and problems.

My project is an infix syntax calculator with working keypad and LCD 
which is to be done under 6 hours of access time.

The bulk of the backend (includes memory allocation and string 
processing) code is already working. It is developed seperately and is 
already tested with gdb and mpatrol. The frontend (keypad interrupts and 
LCD interface) which can't run on the host machine needs more error 
detection and handling codes and generally, more testing.

My current method of debuging the frontend without access to a test 
board is to go through the code line by line and writing down variable 
names and value changes on paper.

Is this good idea, or are there more efficient debugging methods? If 
not, any programming advice?


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