Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Fri Apr 4 05:59:39 PDT 2008

J. Greenlees wrote:
> This is the first I have heard about it, but it doesn't surprise me.
> Radiohead has a better understanding of how to keep fans buying their
> music than R.I.A.A. does.
> You did know that Radiohead has bypassed normal sales venues and
> marketed heir latest cd online only, and allow custom versions of it,
> for "whatever price you, the customer, are willing to pay" which
> includes $0.00

Yeah, that was back in September, I think. Long before the actual CD was 
available anywhere. I bet that technique drew far more attention to the 
album than it would have gotten (as good as it is) had they marketed it 
through normal channels.


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