Hi from a newbee

Plamen D. Georgiev plam.bg at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 16:22:50 PDT 2007

Hi , I've been through  LFS site long time ago, and was not quite
interested at that time on building my
own distro, but now I need to !
Well let me get straight to the point , I am currently running a small
company providing Internet services
and my internet line ( lines ) is DSL . As you understand I am having
too much effort on keeping the dsl modems
up and running ! Another problem is the load balance routing to all 5
dsl lines with no making clients unhappy !
Well I am currently using Mikrotik routers which are some how getting
the job done , I also have a script that
is rebooting all the modems at certain circumstances if no ping and
other such that ...
This is not a very professionals solution as you can see . I did google
and I found what I was looking for !
I have now 5 sangoma S518 PCI ADSL cards waiting to be used in my new
machine which is going to run LFS !
Why do I want LFS .. well the reasons are obvious ! What I want to ask
is 2 things :
             1. Would it be easy to compile the sangoma drivers in to
the kernel ?
             2. There is a patch from Julian Anastasov ( www.ssi.bg/~ja)
which makes the multi-wan (isp) possible ,
                      woud it be easy to apply that patch ?

    Thanks in advance to all of you for making this great project !

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