Boots [was: Re: General question about metal strength]

Robert Connolly robert at
Wed Sep 26 22:07:16 PDT 2007


Going on 1.5 years now with the same boots. Matterhorn mining boots are by far 
the best boots money can buy. I emailed the manufacturer multiple times to 
compliment them (this is the only product-manufacturer I ever have done this 
with), and to ask them to notify me if they ever become discontinued so I can 
buy extras. I bought a second pair just in case.

I wear them exclusively.. I don't own shoes. They don't smell of bacteria, 
they don't leak water, they don't get cut, the toe is still like-new even 
after kicking a lot of stuff daily. I wear them when I walk my dog because 
they're comfortable all the time. I have broken about six pairs of 
shoe-strings (shoe laces) so far, but the boots refuse to wear out.

They're 'Made in USA' boots, which is rare and expensive, but worth every 
penny and more. I recommend them to everyone, even to wear while mowing the 

I'm advertising for them here in hope that they don't go bankrupt for making 
products too well.

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