usb keyboards and mice.

Stef Bon stef at
Sat Sep 22 08:24:27 PDT 2007


I'm trying to build a multiseat system with my lfs machine. For a start I'm
trying to get two "seats" woprking. Already I've got two monitors, 
a nvidia card with two connections, and two keyboards and tow mice.
The latest are:
- one ps2 keyboard and one usb
- one ps2 mouse and one usb

Now, when plugging the usb stuff in, every device goes in in the 
directory /dev/bus/usb/*busid*/*devicenr*

I cannot distinguish the usb keyboard and the usb mouse. Is there a way to 
find out which number in the /dev/bus/usb/*busid* is a mouse and which is a 

Thanks in advance,

Stef Bon

BTW a multiseat system is a single system where more than one user can work
on at the same time. (compare: a mainframe) Look for example at: The problem is not the multiple monitors, X can
handle more than one screen, but the problem is to let more than one set of
mouse and keyboard work, each on a different monitor. Xgl/Xorg with the
event drivers are good tools.

and of course Google can help you futher. 

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