life can really suck

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Mon Sep 3 01:41:59 PDT 2007

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I was woken up a half hour early today, with the VCPD knocking on my
door. The officer knocking wanted to know if I had heard anything
earlier coming from another floor in the building.

Wander down stairs to the office and find out one of my neighbors, one
that has been a friend for the last 7 years, had passed away in custody
this afternoon. They were taking him to the hospital and he was dead on
arrival to the hospital.

So, joyous day, with the police running around investigating this death
as a possible police homicide of someone in custody for my shift.

A friend died, most likely cause an aneurysm aggravated by his addiction
to crystal meth, and I have the police running around trying to prove
both their guilt and innocence about his death.

life sucks.

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