SPAM - the compleat cure

Bennett Todd bet at
Fri Mar 23 09:10:49 PDT 2007

2007-03-23T02:11:44 TheOldFellow:
> 2007-03-23T00:24:49+0000 Bennett Todd:
> > If I didn't find spamassassin plus a well-trained bogofilter plus
> > tossing all text/html to keep my inbox clean, I'd probably be doing
> > greylisting.
> The things you are doing are all additional processing overheads, plus
> you have to keep them really well up to date.

Very true. Happily, someone else is keeping my spamassassin up to
date. I've got it, and bogofilter, and the procmail rules and all
set up so spam flows all the way through and gets filed, just in
folders I don't read. I'm a collector.


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