SPAM - the compleat cure

TheOldFellow theoldfellow at
Thu Mar 22 13:37:17 PDT 2007

Being active on the internet since 1820, or thereabouts, my address is
well and truly established in every spammer's lists.  I've got
spammassassin, razor, all the other blacklists, but some still gets
through (like 100-150 a day!).

This week I decided to try greylisting.  I have not had a single spam
get to the MUA since it went live.  Amazing.  (Of course, I may also be
missing a load of important mails that just don't get through, but I'll
never know....)

I use xmail with the glst plugin for the local mailserver.


If you run a mailserver, and are not yet doing greylisting, I stongly
recommend a test.


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