What is lfs/blfs used for?

Colin Dean cdean at cs.westminster.edu
Sat Mar 17 14:24:28 PDT 2007

>> As a side bar to all this compiling and debugging, I ask, "What do you
>> use lfs/blfs for?".


I'm using LFS and CLFS to build my graduation project, a compact router 
distro meant for simple LAN party administration.

The best part is knowing that, should something go wrong, I've 
documented every thing I've done beyond a base CLFS, so I can /very/ 
quickly rebuild the entire project up to this point if something were to 
go wrong. All it would take is ~75 SBUs for LFS and however many 
CLFS-embedded takes, plus the custom packages (10 or so) and I'd be up 
and running.

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