What is lfs/blfs used for?

William Harrington wwh20610 at cmsu2.cmsu.edu
Sat Mar 17 14:08:17 PDT 2007

On Mar 16, 2007, at 5:10 PM, Shawn wrote:

> Hi All:
> Lupine's question about the newly released version of gnome led me to
> think about how lfs/blfs is used by the community.
> As a side bar to all this compiling and debugging, I ask, "What do you
> use lfs/blfs for?".
> Also, where did you come from? I don't mean where on this planet,  
> but I
> mean in the linux world. How much linux experience do you have?
> I'm curious about these questions as I have been here for a few months
> now and I can recognize who the movers and shakers are in the lfs/blfs
> world. But what about the rest of us?

Hi Shawn,

	I first started with LFS and BLFS back in the LFS 3.0 release days.  
Then I didn't have much knowledge of the details of a working linux  
system, but after messing with slackware and building my own kernels  
and a few packages with 486's and early pentiums, I ventured into it  
with a Pentium 2 Thinkpad when I was in the US Army and bored going  
through Apache training. I've always been an electronics and computer  
guru and wanted to know more than I did about the internals of  
operating systems. After building many LFS on different  
architectures, mainly x86 and ppc, I had a great understanding of how  
the build works and what is required to build a complete system that  
is usable for most things. Next was to learn how to troubleshoot  
build errors and warnings. That's where information in the LFS  
mailing lists and elsewhere on the web helped me quite a bit. LFS  
gave me some motivation to help develop the 6.0 release and work with  
the gcc4 realm of things. I used to use my LFS builds with various  
things from BLFS, among my own packages that I'd build to use for a  
network router (my 486), the ftp/web/proxy/imap/etc server (dual p3  
xeon), and the raid 5 array file server (a p4 with 5 47GB Full height  
seagate elite drives with an adaptec 3410S... which I have no idea  
what to do with since I've replaced it with something better).  No I  
just build LFS once in a while. The last one I built was 6.2 for  
ppc.  I've used Cross-LFS recently to work with the Sparc v9 builds,  
but being in grad school now I don't have much time or motivation to  
do a lot with LFS or CLFS, however, I still maintain a presence in  
the IRC LFS suport channel to help out when I can.

	Since then I have no LFS systems running anymore and just use  
Solaris on the Sun machines. Every once in a while I'll boot the  
livecd on my p4 desktop machine and do a build, or boot my powerbook  
into LFS and do things. That's my history with LFS.


William Harrington

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