What is lfs/blfs used for?

Shawn sks at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 16 15:10:28 PDT 2007

Hi All:

Lupine's question about the newly released version of gnome led me to 
think about how lfs/blfs is used by the community.

As a side bar to all this compiling and debugging, I ask, "What do you 
use lfs/blfs for?".

Also, where did you come from? I don't mean where on this planet, but I 
mean in the linux world. How much linux experience do you have?

I'm curious about these questions as I have been here for a few months 
now and I can recognize who the movers and shakers are in the lfs/blfs 
world. But what about the rest of us?

I'll start.

I use lfs/blfs for development of my own projects. Right now I am 
working on a user-space app that reads the various data structures of a 
ext2 filesystem and dumps them back to stdout. Very similar to the 
functionality of dumpe2fs. It was this list that gave me the 
inspiration to tackle such a project when somebody asked (a while ago) 
how to recover their broken filesystem.

My previous linux dist. was gentoo. The first time I used a linux system 
must have been about 10 years ago with a dist. named caldera. I 
remember when I put the boot disk in my computer it did not recognize 
my mouse or keyboard. We've come a long way since then:)

I came to lfs because I needed to know more. lfs has been a "great" 
learning experience.

Since my priority right now is development of my own apps., I crave a 
stable system. My base system is lfs 6.2 and app. environment is mostly 
blfs-dev mixed with my own additions. I use kdevelop as my IDE. 

This is my hobby. Not my job.

At this point I will say thanks to the maintainers of the lfs/blfs books 
(you know who you are). Sometimes I feel guilty for not attempting to 
help you guys but my focus is on my own development projects. 

I would like to single out two contributors to the lfs/blfs community. 
Dan and Ken. I notice them often. They give very intelligent answers to 
the many, many questions asked. We are lucky to have access to such 
experienced users. 


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