Bought a (cheap) Widescreen laptop...

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> On 08/06/07, TheOldFellow <theoldfellow at> wrote:
> > never had one of these before.  How in (expletive deleted) do you
> > get things like jpegs to display with the right aspect ratio in,
> > say, Gimp?
>  You need to set the resolution to a widescreen one (1280x800 is a
> popular one). On LFS, I suppose you have to do it yourself, basically
> every other distribution will detect a widescreen monitor and set the
> resolution appropiately.
>    cmn

Thanks for this.  It turns out to be slightly more complicated.  The
Intel i810 driver has some deficiencies and relies on the Bios passing
the correct information - it doesn't.  Turns out I need 915resolution a
hack for the video bios.  Then the driver gets the resolution right.

Link here:

Replying for the Arch Hives.

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