Build my own multimediamodem.

Stef Bon stef at
Fri Jan 12 13:27:24 PST 2007


I'm wondering whether it's possible to build my own ADSL2 
modem with my BLFS/LFS 6.2 system.

At this moment I've got a Davolink DV-201AMR ADSL2 modem, which 
does split my ADSL2 signal into a Internet, a telepone and a television
signal. I would like to know wether it's possible to let my server do
that. I guess (or I'm pretty sure) I need some extra cards:
- one for the incoming signal from my provider
- one for connecting my telephone

and extra sofware:
- asterix

This is just a guess, I do not know it's possible at all.

Does anybody know it is?


Stef Bon

PS I've found out that some PCI cards for connecting a telephone to your pc
are very expensive!

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