new hardware

Jaqui Greenlees jaqui_greenlees at
Wed Jan 3 12:08:51 PST 2007

I went and got the system last friday, finally had the
day off to put it together yesterday.

I installed Mandriva 2007, which took all of 12
minutes from dvd. :)
and I'm happy that every single device was recognized
and configured out of the box, so the "white box"
system I was looking at is fully compatible with
linux, no unrecognized devices.

The full hardware list would be 16 letter size pages
printed, but it will be useful for the specific
chipset and device data in building lfs on it.
[ I saved it as a text file and have it on floppy so I
can access it off the livecd. ]

When did the livecd start including xorg? last version
I downloaded before today didn't have gui support at
[ it's a handy feature, if the danged xconfig would
not limit it to 640 by 480 :p , and someone isn't
comfortable with lynx for reading the book on it. ]

actually, using a gui and a terminal window makes
building easier than switching consoles. I think I'm
gonna have to pull the xconfig from mandriva to see
where the differenceis in the livecd to get the gui to
display better resolution and colour depth.


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