Just Allowing Firefox

William Harrington wwh20610 at cmsu2.cmsu.edu
Wed Feb 28 05:55:50 PST 2007

On Feb 27, 2007, at 4:39 PM, Jonathan Steel wrote:

> Thanks for the advice Colin. Im actually strating to get a little  
> hooked on
> Linux and BSD. I never thought Id see the day.
> Jonathan Steel

It's fun because there are tons of different configurations you can  
do and take complete control over the whole system from boot till  
crash, after understanding how it all works. Good advice from those  
who contributed information. After you build it all and get it to  
load, you can very well strip all the components not needed after  
building the LFS and building Firefox. There will be a ton of  
programs that won't be used for your particular system you have  
described. The toolchain, many apps that were installed for testing,  
in chap 5, libraries, etc. you'll just have to see what the system  
accesses after you run it a few times. After you've investigated it  
all, remove the components that haven't been touched in say a week or  
so. Give it a few reboots.


You touch a timestamp then use find with the anewer option and it  
works fairly well.



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