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On Feb 26, 2007, at 7:56 PM, Jonathan Steel wrote:

> Hi
> Im new to Linux From Scratch and I wondering if its possible to  
> what Im
> looking for. I want a really stripped down version of Linux so that  
> it only
> runs Firefox. Thats it! I dont want a desktop or anything. Just  
> firefox.
> Is that even possible with Linux From Scratch or do I just need to  
> strip
> down a distro and modify the code by hand?
> Thanks
> Jonathan Steel
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First off it would seem that even with a system with just firefox,  
you would need the X window system. There's not really much stripping  
you could do with LFS, and it makes a pretty small system. You could  
possibly follow the dependencies of X and strip what you don't need,  
but following the LFS book would be easier and still would leave you  
a small system.

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