World of Warcraft

Petrus petrus4 at
Sun Feb 25 12:04:01 PST 2007

Hey guys,
For anyone who's interested, after having tried a few times in the last few 
months (including once on FreeBSD) I've just succeeded in getting World of 
Warcraft running with Ubuntu Dapper Drake and Wine 0.9.31.  Not LFS I know, 
but I might throw together a hint once I've figured out some more stuff.

Briefly though...If you're interested in having a crack at it yourself, the 
instructions here ( can 
presumably be adapted; use the latest Wine 0.9.31.  You might also want to 
take apart the Ubuntu deb from the wine repo to see if there are any 
wow-specific patches in it that we could adapt for LFS...that was going to 
be my next step.

Another minor point is that although the OpenGL rendering of WoW looks 
gorgeous, you will not only need a powerful system/video card, (NVidia 
recommended) but you'll also need to hack WoW's file a bit, 
depending on how powerful your machine is.  The thing you really want to 
work on getting down to a manageable point is the 3d draw distance in 
particular...your framerate will die if that isn't low enough.  Mine is as 
low as I could get it without it causing weird glitches because of stuff not 
being drawn that was right in front of me.

Although there have been a few people doing this for a while now, the 
ability to run this game is a major coup for Linux...Games are one of the 
last incentives people have had to use Windows.  Take that away and there's 
very little left.  The other great thing is that it's WoW...not Frozen 
Bubble.  That does a lot for credibility.

If we can write a hint, a prefab file with some good defaults 
that someone can slap straight into the wow directory would prolly go great 
with it. 

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