Old LFS Release package archives

Philipp Ammann pca at 4-mail.net
Fri Feb 16 02:18:55 PST 2007

William Harrington wrote:
> So yes, the source tarballs with the source is needed. I'm archiving  
> the current lfs-packages onto my array. I was wanting to build an LFS  
> 3.3 system for my 486 for fun times, but...

Honestly, why would you want to build an ancient LFS? I understand the 
fun-part of it (I did that too) but nowadays I'm building minimal-LFSes 
using up to date 'embedded' packages (linux2.4, busybox, uclibc, ...).

Sorry for not being able to help you with your quest, but if you need 
more information about 'embedded' (in quotes because it's not really 
embedded ;) packages, feel free to ask.


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