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Sat Dec 22 00:30:50 PST 2007

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Hey Everyone,
> Just wanted to drop a line explaining what I've been up to and what has
> been keeping me away from LFS these days.
> Essentially, I've started up a consulting business. A friend of mine has
> some professional consulting experience, and I have a bit more of the
> hands on technical experience. Together we figured we'd be able to offer
> something solid.

I'm in the process of starting up a web hosting business myself :)
I am planning on the beginning of April for the actual start date.

> The goal is to be able to do what we like while managing our own
> schedule. So far, there's a lot of potential, but I'm waiting to see how
> it grows before leaving my other full-time job. To say the least, at the
> moment my free time is nil.
> Anyway, here's the website, we just put it up a little while ago:
> http://www.lightcubesolutions.com

Just a minor thing about the site design:
Take a look at http://jaqui-greenlees.net/webdesign.html
It shows how to keep the navigation on screen in a graphic browserwith
the css and xhtml. [ a sore point for me, I hate having navigation
elements scroll off screen ]

The li for the navigation doesn't display properly with lynx [ or other
text mode browsers ] I actually got rid of using a ul based menu on my
site to make it more lynx friendly. though I haven't put the skip to
content link for true WAI compliancy, it will work for those with
accessability issues.

> Part of the reason I'm making this known is because I'm interested in
> hearing comments or suggestions from you all, I know some of you have a
> great deal of experience in the IT industry. Also, I seem to recall some
> bit of discussion on Asterisk. Was that you, Alan? We're looking to do
> some work with that as well and make that one of our offerings.
> Anyway, hope this wasn't too much of a shameless plug. :) If this
> business does take off, and I'm able to leave my full-time job, I do
> believe I'll actually have some free LFS time again, but we shall see.
> Later,

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