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> TheOldFellow wrote:

> > The trick is to get them to pay you without you telling them what you
> > know already that they don't :)
> >
> > So you have to say:  I know all about X.  They say: Prove it.  You tell
> > them, and then they know all about X too.
> >   
> But sometimes X is so complicated that telling them all about X makes them
> realize that they really would rather pay someone to deal with X.   ;-)

Yes, of course, but its just that in my experience you can't really know
before that crucial first meeting, if this is going to be true.
Especially if this is a coldish call.

You have to trade on your EXPERIENCE, not your KNOWLEDGE. It's a TRUST
thing.  I forgot to say that.  The amount you can charge is directly
proportional to the customer's perception of your experience with the
kind of do-do he thinks you can help dig him out of.  You can even make
a virtue out of your failures, by explaining how much you learnt from
the disaster - honesty in this convinces some people, but not all.


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(Part 2 is the difficult bit)

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