Just a personal update

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Dec 21 18:51:26 PST 2007

Alan Lord wrote:
> Nice - looks clean and "professional" not like ours. But I did do it 
> myself (no budget; just Joomla, Inkscape and the Gimp).

Thanks. Don't sell yourself short, yours is pretty nice too. In fact, I 
think you have more content than we do!

> I really believe there is a massive opportunity. We have run a couple of 
> seminars for SMEs and because of their total ignorance/naivety, when 
> they see what OSS can do they fall over themselves to find out more... 
> Big enterprise already "grok" it. The opportunity is with the millions 
> of small to medium businesses ;-)

Yeah, I think in the states there is also such an opportunity. Any 
advice you have is more than welcome - perhaps we can collaborate a bit?


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