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Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 16:53:47 PST 2007

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Hey Everyone,
> Just wanted to drop a line explaining what I've been up to and what has
> been keeping me away from LFS these days.
> Essentially, I've started up a consulting business. A friend of mine has
> some professional consulting experience, and I have a bit more of the
> hands on technical experience. Together we figured we'd be able to offer
> something solid.

I have done much the same thing too! :-) <shameless_plug> Our presence 
on the web is at http://www.theopenlearningcentre.com </shameless_plug>

> The goal is to be able to do what we like while managing our own
> schedule. So far, there's a lot of potential, but I'm waiting to see how
> it grows before leaving my other full-time job. To say the least, at the
> moment my free time is nil.
> Anyway, here's the website, we just put it up a little while ago:
> http://www.lightcubesolutions.com

Nice - looks clean and "professional" not like ours. But I did do it 
myself (no budget; just Joomla, Inkscape and the Gimp).

> Part of the reason I'm making this known is because I'm interested in
> hearing comments or suggestions from you all, I know some of you have a
> great deal of experience in the IT industry. Also, I seem to recall some
> bit of discussion on Asterisk. Was that you, Alan? We're looking to do
> some work with that as well and make that one of our offerings.

Yes it was me! I asked and received excellent advice from Randy and Dan 
about how they worked out what happens when you type "make install"...

I posted a piece on my blog about it here: 

We are using it ourselves (the best way to work out how it works) and it 
is an excellent product.

In the UK Asterisk is quite a big thing in the SME (Small-Medium 
Enterprise) and generates a great deal of interest. Not because it is 
cheaper than a standalone PBX (Panasonic etc...) but because of the 

> Anyway, hope this wasn't too much of a shameless plug. :) If this
> business does take off, and I'm able to leave my full-time job, I do
> believe I'll actually have some free LFS time again, but we shall see.

This is now my full time job. We promote Open Source hard. We have 
stared working with "other interested parties" (such as the 
http://openforumeurope.org/ and various Management Consultants and 
support providers) and interest is very high.

I really believe there is a massive opportunity. We have run a couple of 
seminars for SMEs and because of their total ignorance/naivety, when 
they see what OSS can do they fall over themselves to find out more... 
Big enterprise already "grok" it. The opportunity is with the millions 
of small to medium businesses ;-)

Good luck.

> Later,


The way out is open!

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