Back-up program that does not back-up everything

Cedric cedric.dewijs at
Fri Dec 7 11:44:44 PST 2007

Hi wizards,

I'm looking for a backup program that doesn't back-up everything. Often the 
smaller the file, the more important. You can re-download a movie, but 
writing a letter twice is a pain in the ***.

It's possible to back-up using rsync with it's --max-size= option. This 
ensures your back-up medium is not swarmed with one movie and nothing else, 
but then not all space on the back-up medium is used.

A solution would be to first run rsync with a low value for --max-size, and 
then with a larger number, that's really inefficient.

Do you know a program where you can specify how large the back-up should be?

Best regards,
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