Problems w/ Jack, looking for good soundcard

R. Quenett qcal at
Wed Dec 5 15:57:52 PST 2007

from Nathan Coulson:

" determine how capable any particular audio device is.  I did like how
" the "Turtle Beach Montego II"  soundcard looks, but I want to learn

I went on a similar quest a number of  years ago. A couple of random 
thoughts burble to the surface.  Perhaps not applicable to your 
hardware or situation, if I recall correctly, and for what it's 

-via chipsets at the time were reported to have a latency problem.  I 
know you mentioned intel but it appears that this problem can arise 
at the chipset level so who knows.
-there is some really expensive, really high end, sometimes hard to 
find, stuff out there.  Personal preference becomes very significant. 
Most of it is way over my head, and budget.
-I wound up with an m-audio delta 1010 ( 
running under the evil os.  M-Audio claims that there are third party 
linux drivers available.  The DAC's are in a separate box outside of 
the electrically very noisy computer case, which is a Good Thing(tm).

Pay your own bills.

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