Cultural differences question(s)

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Fri Mar 31 06:21:05 PST 2006

Am Friday 31 March 2006 11:47, teilten sie mit:
>I'm still a British Citizen, although I much preferred the old title,
>now long defunct: 'Subject of Her Britannic Majesty'.  
Ah, you are married!

>Another bit of
>European 'harmonisation'.
Her majestys governement could have changed it ;-D))

>I'm one of those that does support the Monarchy, 
Well, it needs to be supported ;-D)))

>why the Scots have to come here and rule the English.  
So you need much more Elisabeths and the Scottish need Stuarts ;-)

>We also subsidise
>them through our tax system.
And they bring you -? Whisky?

>The English are now a conquered people, ruled in London by Scots.  
Oh! The Stuarts really did win ... ;-)

>the leaders of the opposition parties are all Scots, so there is no
>democratic solution in sight.
So you need a little bis more rassism ;-D)))

>Tony the Warmonger has just passed a law making parliament obsolete too
>- it lets Ministers amend and repeal legislation without asking
>parliament or seeking Royal Assent.  
Well done ;-D)))

>Thus dies the Mother of Parliaments at the hand of the Butcher's Boy of Iraq.
Please don't be so sad ;-)

>Keep doing Linux guys, it helps keep your minds of the problems of the
Yesss Mylord, it helps ;-)

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