Cultural differences question(s)

Richard A Downing FBCS CITP richard at
Thu Mar 30 08:45:39 PST 2006

RavenKnight wrote:
> Hello Everybody,
>    I would like to ask a few questions about cultural differences
> between the United States and other country's, specifically in regarding
> business and academia. If this is not an acceptable topic for lfs-chat I
> apologize in advance.
> 1) What is the predominant language used in business in your country?
English, since we invented it.
> 2) How important is it for people to be on-time?
On a scale of 0 to 9, 8.
> 3) What would you consider to be a large misconception about your country?
It rains all the time. We all think Monarchy is wonderful. Tony Blair
isn't a war-mongering pillock.  (all false)
> 4) What is academia like in your country?
Good in parts.  The good parts are very good, most Universities are,
however, Adult Education Production-lines.
> 5) What is the average workweek in your country? (hours\days)
Blue Collar: 35 hours, White Collar: 40-60 hours (despite the fact that
the EU has legislation limiting it to 40.)
> 6) What role does government play in business in your country?
Too much.  The unelected EU even more.  There are more stupid
regulations here than you can shake a stick at.
> 7) What three things should I know to get along with the people in your
> country?
American Beer isn't. Don't assume that American humour works because
it's in english. We think GWB's administration are murdering thugs too
(like the French, Germans and Iraqis)

Sorry Eric, I just couldn't help myself, this will be of no use to you
at all, but it let me vent my spleen.  As they say, ask a stupid
question...  The idiomatic expressions might be instructional though.


P.S. We spell it 'Apologise'.

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