Cultural differences question(s)

RavenKnight Raven.Knight at
Thu Mar 30 04:54:43 PST 2006

Hello Everybody,
    I would like to ask a few questions about cultural differences 
between the United States and other country's, specifically in regarding 
business and academia. If this is not an acceptable topic for lfs-chat I 
apologize in advance.

1) What is the predominant language used in business in your country?
2) How important is it for people to be on-time?
3) What would you consider to be a large misconception about your country?
4) What is academia like in your country?
5) What is the average workweek in your country? (hours\days)
6) What role does government play in business in your country?
7) What three things should I know to get along with the people in your 

Thank you,
Eric Hobbs

P.S. I would not ordinarily be asking this type of question on _any_ 
mailing list but, I really don't know anybody from another country (this 
is an assignment for my business communications class).

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