Following C code into libraries

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at
Mon Mar 20 11:03:41 PST 2006

  I'm trying to debug a problem with my sound card, and I think my lack 
of C knowledge is stopping me.  When I run aplay, it takes as much cpu 
as it can get and never comes back.  Strace shows it is in a tight loop. 
So far, I've found that the last call from the app is snd_pcm_writei. 
Looking at alsa-lib, this is a wrapper (assertions for safety checks) 
around _snd_pcm_writei - and there the trail stops.

  What do I have to do to find the code for this function (or for any 
other function beginning with an underscore) ?  I seem to recall that 
names beginning with underscores are special in some way, but that's the 
limit of my knowledge.


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