K3B and copying DVD disks

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Mar 5 15:31:26 PST 2006

[CC'd to BLFS-Dev as an update on the K3b addition]

Hi all,

I queried the groups not too long ago about what folks used as a GUI
interface (primarily in KDE) to to a DVD/CD copy program. K3b was
resoundingly recommended. Indeed, it is a very nice program, and
deserves a place in BLFS.

Unfortunately, I discovered it didn't do one of the main things I was
looking for, and that is to make copies of double-layer DVDs to
single-layer media. There are many M$ products which do this. Though
double-layer DVD drives are now very cheap (~$40.00), the media is
still rather pricey. You'll pay anywhere between $2.00-$4.00 *each*
for blank double-layer DVD disks.

You can get high-quality reliable single-layer DVD disks, with the
nice white coating so you can send them through your inkjet printer
and make exact duplicates of originals if you wish for about
~0.12 cents.

That is a huge difference, so it is still somewhat nice to duplicate
double-layer DVDs onto single-layer media. So, K3b won't do it. I
was disappointed, but K3b still goes in BLFS. :-) Anyway, for a long
time now, I've been using stand-alone programs to do this for me. For
the last couple of years creating a script, making additions to it,
refining it here and there and then just recently made into a fairly
decent script to do this special copying.

I created a tarball of this script and support programs, some docs
and man pages and learned the GNU Autotools (very, very cool once
you learn autoconf and automake language) to package them. More than
anything this turned into an exercise for learning the Autotools,
but I thought if anybody felt a script that ties together all the
tools to make copies of DVDs might be handy, here it is.


Note that there is a significant list of dependencies, but if you
are doing any DVD work in Linux, or you have K3b installed, you
probably already have the majority of package you'll need installed.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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