Publisher files

DJ Lucas dj at
Sun Mar 5 12:14:16 PST 2006

Richard A Downing wrote:
> Someone has sent me some Microsoft Publisher files to work on.  Does
> anyone know of any tools to extract the content is a usable form?  I use
> Scribus for DTP, and OpenOffice for other office tasks, but these .pub
> files have defeated me so far, and that is annoying!
> Microsoft shall not win!  (Rule #1)
> Richard.
Some more stuff:

The closest approximation of punisher on *nix is scribus. It does not, and looks like it never will, open 
.pub files.

Various sources suggest either converting to EPS or to DOC and then more 
conversions on the linux side. has a 
working solution....but how well I really don't know.  I much like the 
looks of converting to EPS, or PDF and importing from there.

-- DJ Lucas

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