Jaqui Greenlees jaqui_greenlees at yahoo.ca
Fri Mar 3 01:55:50 PST 2006

--- Richard A Downing <richard at langside.org.uk> wrote:

> Jaqui Greenlees wrote:


> This is just Jeff Henager's theory, however.
> and what was that other quote, I wasn't paying
> attention?
> R.

Actually, Jeff wasn't talking about the type of user
that would be interested in linux from scratch, he was
talking about the average windows user using a distro
like Xandros, linspire, ubuntu kubuntu vector, yellow
dog, ....

you mean the Linux != Windows page? ~l~


Jeff Henager: "If the average user can put a CD in and boot the system and follow the prompts, he can install and use Linux. If he can't do that simple task, he doesn't need to be around technology."

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