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I have a SATA drive and use it with several Linux systems including LFS 6.0. All of them recognize the drive as IDE. However, even if there is only one drive, they see it as /dev/hdc. This causes problems with some live Linux CDs which do not boot but others see it fine.

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> On 02/03/06, Brandon Peirce <brandon_peirce at> wrote:
> > I saw a question on this list recently about usb kbd and mouse, so
> > now I ask a similar question about SATA disks....
> >
> > Most of the hardware passing accross my desk is pretty old and I have
> > working IDE and SCSI configurations under Linux. But now SATA has arrived!
> > I am currently running an old LFS build a with a 2.4 kernel but preparing
> > for/
> > progressing with a more recent version, and I would appreciate any tips on
> > how to access a SATA disk. Specifically:
> >
> > a) What type of device this shows up as: IDE, SCSI, USB, ???
> > b) Which kernel drivers are needed?
> > c) Under which device nodes do they show up,
> > e.g. /dev/sdx, /dev/hdx, /dev/???,...
> I'm running my system on SATA right now. It's not on LFS, but it
> should work the same.
> SATA goes through SCSI at the moment, so it will be /dev/sd* and IIRC
> they behave just like SCSI disks.
> GRUB didn't want to find my disk saying it didn't have a BIOS
> enumeration, but I havent tried all that much.
> In the SCSI menu you need to activate SATA support and then the driver
> for your controller.
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