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Thu Mar 2 11:27:24 PST 2006

On 02/03/06, Brandon Peirce <brandon_peirce at> wrote:
> I saw a question on this list recently about usb kbd and mouse, so
> now I ask a similar question about SATA disks....
> Most of the hardware passing accross my desk is pretty old and I have
> working IDE and SCSI configurations under Linux. But now SATA has arrived!
> I am currently running an old LFS build a with a 2.4 kernel but preparing
> for/
> progressing with a more recent version, and I would appreciate any tips on
> how to access a SATA disk. Specifically:
> a) What type of device this shows up as: IDE, SCSI, USB, ???
> b) Which kernel drivers are needed?
> c) Under which device nodes do they show up,
> e.g. /dev/sdx, /dev/hdx, /dev/???,...

I'm running my system on SATA right now. It's not on LFS, but it
should work the same.

SATA goes through SCSI at the moment, so it will be /dev/sd* and IIRC
they behave just like SCSI disks.

GRUB didn't want to find my disk saying it didn't have a BIOS
enumeration, but I havent tried all that much.

In the SCSI menu you need to activate SATA support and then the driver
for your controller.

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