LFS 6.1 and kernel 2.4.xx

Brandon Peirce brandon_peirce at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 11 05:13:05 PDT 2006

Elliott Jeyaseelan wrote:
>Is it possible to use an older kernel such as 2.4 series with the LFS 6.1 
>LFS 6.2?

If you are asking that question because your current host system runs a 2.4
kernel and you hope to avoid the challenge of building a 2.6 kernel before
starting LFS, then the answer is absolutely no way. Use the live CD instead.

If have a fair bit of experience building LFS and want to make a _major_
deviation from the book and a serious challenge, it should be more-or-less
possible. But don't expect a lot of help on that.

I'm not sure you mean to use the older kernel during the build, or to 
install a 2.4 kernel at the end when you make the new LFS system bootable,
or both. It makes a difference to the answer....

Udev (ch 6.55) absolutely requires a 2.6 kernel to run and I suspect it 
not build properly under a 2.4 kernel; you would have to throw that out and
make static device nodes under /dev. Adjust bootscripts as necessary.

Secondly, there was an issue with recent Glibc compiled against 2.6 kernel
headers and running under a 2.4 kernel. Something about a new signal.
I think it was Bash that was unusable under those conditions. The details
fell through one of my memory leaks but there is a patch available 

>Would I need to compile the kernel using the SAME gcc used for compiling 
>various tools for LFS 6.x series OR it doesn't matter??

The final kernel you build to make the new LFS system bootable in Ch 8 
be built with the new toolchain. (It doesn't absolutely have to be but why
would you want to use anything else?)

If it is to build a new 2.6 kernel for your host system to build under, then 
does not need to be the same. It is probably best to use what is on your
host system already.

>Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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