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mlr52 at michaellrichardson.com mlr52 at michaellrichardson.com
Tue Aug 1 08:23:20 PDT 2006

Subj: Hello

Hello my name is Michael L. Richardson I just signed up on this list and am 
introducing myself.  I am the secretary of NYLXS (New York Linux Scene) 
www.nylxs.com  our server is down at the moment (it got fried while being 
reconfigured) should be up shortly.   I read the LFS book about a year ago 
and got sidetracked.  I plan to put LFS on my laptop.  HP Pavilion ZE 
4420US  Athlon XP 1.8Gz, 1 GB Ram, 80 Gig HD, + - RW DVD (the one that came 
with it broke). 

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