auto-generating kernel .config files?

John Gay johngay at
Sun Oct 30 19:50:24 PST 2005

I just had a quick thought and since this list has the best and most helpful 
programmer I know, I thought I toss it around and see what you think.

Many distro's now have pretty good auto-detect features and can detect most 
hardware and load the appropriate modules. Yet, most people like to build 
their own kernels tuned to their hardware without a lot of extra cruft.

Shouldn't it be possible to boot with a generic kernel, scan the system logs 
and create a basic kernel .config file based on the hardware present in the 
system? Now I don't expect it to be compete, or even useable directly, but it 
could reduce the amount of searching and guessing when you do generate your 
kernel .config. 

I've read many articles on kernel configuring, but they all suffer from the 
fact that there's just too many possible variations to cover everything.

Just a thought.


	John Gay

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