Anybody understand perl ?

Ken Moffat ken at
Wed Oct 26 17:57:02 PDT 2005

  I feel like I'm in a maze of twisty passages, all different.  On x86_64 
multilib, I've now got 32-bit and 64-bit versions of perl installed, 
apparently successfully.  The 32-bit version is invoked as 'perl-32', 
the 64-bit as just 'perl'.

  The "apparently" is because *both* of them report 
libc=/lib/ from perl(,-32} -V [ so, I've still got to fix 
that ], but they do seem to work - with expat installed in both /usr/lib 
and /usr/lib64, I can successfully build XML-Parser (which includes an 
invokation of gcc with -m32/-m64, and creates with both 
perl-32 (installs below /usr/lib/perl5, 'file' thinks it is 
Intel 80386) and perl (/usr/lib64/perl5, AMD x86-64).  So, time for the 
big question:

  Would I ever want 32-bit perl modules on a multilib x86_64 system ?  If 
perl is invoked as just 'perl', it will be the 64-bit version.  Is any 
non-perl program *likely* to link against libraries from a perl module ?

  Initial testing on the x86 side of this box suggests nothing in 
/usr/bin or /usr/lib is linked against, although I think 
XML-Parser was originally needed as a dependency for gnumeric.

  Clue appreciated, even if it takes the form of a cluebat!


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