64bit! But which one?

Alan Lord lord_alan at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 25 12:35:10 PDT 2005

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Oct 2005, Alan Lord wrote:
>> Thanks Ken,
>> Hmmmm it all sounds a bit too "messy" for my tastes. Perhaps 64bit
>> quite ready for action yet?
>  Well, your requirements are a bit heavy -
> plus LAMP ;)  These are still early days for x86_64.
>  I'm *mostly* running pure64 these days, with only 3 things that don't

> work - grub, flash, realplayer.  You can probably add other firefox 
> plugins to that list, if you use any.  Some applications show
> problems compiling, but mostly they aren't a big deal.  The only thing
> miss is realplayer, which is why I sometimes boot i686.  My server is 
> also pure64, but the only noticeable things on it are fetchmail, 
> SpamAssassin, nfs-server, ntp, and a locally-accessible apache.
>  Multilib, bar the wrinkles that still need to be ironed out, is ok 
> except for the knock-on effects on BLFS (a distro will put all of
> preferred changes and flags into their specfile or wherever, we have
> determine these things for ourselves).
>> I tend to build LFSs frequently and like to keep them as pure an
>> unadaulterated as possible.
>> Maybe I will build a "normal" 32bit linux and run with that for a
>> until I can build a nice and clean 64bit system...
>  If you already build LFS (and BLFS) frequently, it shouldn't be a big

> deal.  But keep a working system around until you know everything
> Use a 32-bit LFS to build your first 64-bit system and find out what
> like, and don't like, about it.  And keep adequate notes!
>  The great thing about building from a 32-bit host is that you have a 
> comfortable X desktop of your choice while you are creating the new
> system.
> Ken

Hmmm, Thanks Ken. 

Your subsequent post has cleared my mind a bit. I hadn't really
considered building a 32bit to act as my base and then move on to a
64bit from there. But seeing as I have a 200Gb disk and EVEN M$ has
trouble filling it all, I do have plenty of space left for a couple of
LFS/BLFS installations.

I shall go and download the latest of the dev LFS books and start
reading before I start - just so I know what sort of journey to

Thanks and have fun... :-)


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