64bit! But which one?

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Tue Oct 25 04:53:35 PDT 2005

On Tue, 25 Oct 2005, Alan Lord wrote:

> I would very much like to try and move from M$ completely by building a
> new LFS on my AMD box. It would need to run Open Office 2.0 (+ Java
> 1.5), PHP, MySQL, Apache, Samba, X etc... (there is plenty of room for
> me to set up a few new partitions for Linux)
> I am keen to try and build a 64bit version of LFS to run on this
> machine.
> 1. What type of LFS should I build? Pure 64bit in /lib only, /lib32 &
> /lib64 or something else?

  I suspect that OOo will want to be 32-bit.  That probably means you 
will want "conventional" multilib (lib+lib64).  Worst case, one of the 
dependencies will link to X libraries, which will mean you need both 32- 
and 64-bit versions of X. (hint: identify all the dependencies first, so 
that you build the necessary 32-bit libraries before corresponding 
64-bit versions!)  The main downside to lib+lib64 (ignoring any issues 
with multiple versions of X, perl, pkgconfig, python) is that you need 
to make sure each 64-bit application which has libraries uses lib64
  - not a big deal in itself, but you need to check each new package.

> 2. Is there a dual boot bootloader that can boot a 64bit Linux and
> WinXP? I will need to keep M$ on here for a while.

  Lilo or grub (I have no experience of booting XP, but both are reputed 
to be able to do that) - the 64-bit kernel is no big deal.  The only 
issue with grub is that it has to be built as 32-bit (lilo probably 
sneaks through this hurdle on pure64 by using bin86).

> 3. I am assuming I will need the 64bit liveCD (or a gentoo type distro)
> as my starting point or should I "cross build" on my P4 and then copy
> (how?) over to the AMD box?

  Whatever you feel comfortable with ;)  Actually, you're going to have 
to partition the disk, and I imagine your athlon64 will be faster than 
the P4, so if you've got the space why not build (or install) an i686 
system, then use that to cross-build.  If you follow Cross-LFS, you will 
need to be running a 64-bit kernel for chapter 9 (temporary tools) 
onwards - for a Live CD that will indeed force you to use a 64-bit 
version, but from an installed system you can just cross-compile a 
64-bit kernel and run it with the 32-bit userspace.

  If you have a bootable CD that will let you partition the disk, make 
some filesystems, mount one, bring up networking, and run ssh then you 
can probably copy the current system from the P4 using ssh.

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